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Welcome to Lynbyrd

Lynbyrd Express is a training organisation who supports business growth and personal development specialising in Sales, I.T. and Management.

Our Personal Transition Programme (P.T.P) offers inspiring, results driven funded and non-funded innovative and proven programmes, courses and workshops to support those:

 Seeking to secure employment back to work;


 Starting a new business;

 Seeking to improve employee's skills and business development.

It’s all about unlocking potential. Our fully qualified, experienced trainers will show you how to do it, delivering training to nationally recognised standards.

Clients love Lynbyrd because we are passionate about everything we do. We inspire delegates and their success in turn inspires us.

What’s more, it’s fun and cost-effective.


Explore our website - then use the "Book Now" page to secure your course place, alternatively telephone us on 0800 508 8338 


Contact us today: we’d love to hear from you.


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